We’re Cat & Jordan.  

We want people to have profound and deeply fulfilling lives.

You can’t learn how to circle and not have tremendous personal growth in your life, enrich your relationships, and become engaging…it shifts the way you listen to other humans forever. 
It completely transformed our lives.  Words, intention, and awareness are powerful aspects of being human and when used with skill they uplevel every aspect of life – romance, friendships, career, family, and self.
It broke our hearts wide open and brought so much relief, healing, and possibility for us – that we want to bring this to everyone we can.
It’s our honor and privilege to share this practice with you.

When we look at others we see personality traits that explain their behavior, but when we look at ourselves we see circumstances that explain our behavior. 
People's stories make internal sense to them, from the inside, but we don't see people's histories trailing behind them in the air.  We only see them in one situation, and we don't see what they would be like in a different situation.
So the fundamental attribution error is that we explain by permanent, enduring traits what would be better explained by circumstance and context." ― Eliezer Yudkowsky


Jordan Burns trained in Circling Facilitation with the Circling Institute.  She has assisted in many courses with the Circling Institute and created and taught her own circling workshops. She continues to train in and practice embodiment, authentic relating, and trauma resolution work. 
She has 15 years of experience in the field of education, and is skilled at designing and delivering instruction that is engaging, adaptive, and memorable. 
“I found Circling in 2015 when I moved to the Bay area.  At the time, I was heartbroken, lonely, and depressed.  I had the story (however untrue), that I didn’t really know how to connect with people.  Learning circling helped me to form the deepest connections I’ve ever had, shift my stories around connection, and develop social capacities that had me feeling confident about making new connections and thriving in relationships.  I use my circling skills every day, and I am confident that they are a huge part of my successful business and personal connections.”
Cat Gelinas was certified in Circling Facilitation with T3 in Boulder, CO and has taught Circling Facilitation at the Connection Institute, and many Circling Foundations cohorts with Yugen Institute, a Developmental Coaching Program she co-founded.
She’s also trained in Trauma Resolution at Mindlight, Certified in Integral Development Coaching at Stages International, and trained in Family Constellations with Mark Wolynn and Suzi Tucker.
She has her own healing practice since 2015 in Emotional Alchemy and brings all of her experience to Circling. 
“I heard about circling in 2019, from a trusted friend who said that it completely changed her life, gave her the rich relationships she has today, and grew her business significantly.   That summer, I was blown away by my training.  I was so moved by the experience of being circled (and circled well) that I cried during my first circles.  It was a spontaneous release that happened from loving presence and welcoming that I’d never felt before in my life. 
I realized how unfulfilling my current relationships felt compared to this.  It’s like I was seeking this my whole life and not quite knowing it…and I can’t describe what “this” was. 

Having this experience, broke my heart wide open and uncovered how much yearning I’d been sitting on.  Learning these tools 
immediately had all the rapport in my relationships open up. I didn’t realize how much hurt and protectiveness I had from my childhood that I was carrying around in every conversation in my adulthood. 

Circling brought so much awareness and possibility into my life and I’m different now.  I transformed and my heart healed.  I feel so much more connected and at ease in the world now.”

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