This isn’t just a Circling training…

It’s a lifetime of wholeness, connection, and aliveness in your relationships.

3-Day Foundations Journey

✨Why Circle?✨

🌎 Circling is a doorway to a lifetime of rich, intimate connection.

Our lives are made up of relationships.  They’re a fundamental part having your life work and feel good. 
We can get obsessed with making money, working out, or hobbies…but many don’t get obsessed with working on their relational and communication skills. 

✨ We want love, closer connection, and social skills, but often we don’t put in the practice what it takes to make our relationships work well.  Love and desire alone aren’t enough to create sustainable, rewarding connection.

✨The Welcoming Method Benefits:

✨Our course is trauma-informed – hence we call it the “Welcoming Method.”

It’s sourced from Integral Circling and Trauma-Informed Relational Work, so our approach takes into account our nervous system and respecting Guardians, aka coping strategies.  

We teach people how to circle in a way that opens up natural rapport and emphasizes welcoming as a pathway to the emerging present.  

Of all abilities one might gain mastery of, an instrument, a sport, or becoming a chef…this ability is said to be one of the most rewarding overall.

Our trainings are an educational environment, not therapeutic, but being in connection around this material can be healing.

Circling is a path to edges you haven’t gone to before, but in the most gentle, nourishing way possible.

✨Life-Altering Benefits✨

The Essence skills of Circling.  You will walk out knowing the basic tools of how to facilitate a Circle.
(Although mastery takes practice)

✨Tools to create stunningly rewarding conversations full of aliveness.

✨Awareness of relational blind spots that are getting in your way of really connecting with others

✨Your own Personal Growth and Transformation through this Profound Technique

✨You gain more awareness, appreciation, and understanding for yourself and the people in your life.  

✨You get the tools to never having to feel awkward in a conversation again.

✨Dating and romantic lives become deeply enriched.

✨Relationships become a place of learning and growth vs frustration and disappointment.

✨Connect with others who are also committed to more authentic relationships in their life.

✨A Trauma-Informed Perspective with Circling to recognize trauma responses and coping mechanisms in yourself and another.  Understanding brings more compassion and welcoming.


Early Bird 🦉Discount:
$325 until Oct 5, 2022
$350 after that

Boulder, CO

Fri 10/21/2022 ~ 5:30-8:00pm MT

Sat 10/22/2022 ~ 10:30am – 5:30pm MT

Sun 10/23/2022 ~ 10:30am – 5:30pm MT\